Anthia Aberia Accounting Services, now an Intuit Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor:  A link towards a Not- for-Profit (otherwise known as Non-Government Organization) and small business financial success


Anthia D. Aberia, Certified Public Accountant

I am a Certified Public Accountant.  And now, I am also a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor.  I am a finance and accounting professional for more than 20 years.  The work experiences that I have had brought me to all corners of my country the Philippines and to almost all countries in Asia and the Pacific.  The kind of work that I have done is aimed at uplifting the lives of those less in life.  My involvement most often has been on the financial aspect of project implementation for the management of funds, control, reporting, analysis, budgeting, projections, monitoring and audit.


I do extra work that is outside of what is outlined in the job description, to make sure that groups and individuals with income generating activities, with small businesses, that the financial systems are properly in place. Late 1990's until  2008, I developed a customized financial monitoring and reporting system that is easy to understand and navigate, using excel that has simple linked formulas to automatically generate financial reports.

From 2009 to present, I have provided to small businesses an excel customized reports generated from accounting software, mostly with Quickbooks.  I also need to mention that challenges sometimes get in the way, because accounting software then, as I used to know it, was not easily accessible and affordable to groups with income generating activities.  It has changed now. Quickbooks Online or QBO that can be accessed anywhere in the world for a monthly subscription of as low as $5.  Any QBO accountant like me can also be anywhere in the world, doing the job remotely.  As such my global network includes the groups of,  or small businesses, that I have been associated with.  They can afford the QBO software now and I can be an internet away for the much needed accounting work with the same level of commitment for them to succeed in their business.

My experience also included teaching accounting and management subjects to college students right after graduation.  I have also done accounting tutorial to online students in the US. In line with my previous work, I trained and provided face to face coaching to finance teams in Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines for financial management and reporting.  I have also trained 36 women’s health organizations (WHO) nationwide in the Philippines on Financial Management and Reporting Systems as well as conducted capacity building sessions to a Department in the Philippine government in 5 regions on monitoring budget performances, financial operations and financial systems.

In a volunteer placement in a Vanuatu, South Western Pacific country, I was able to train all provincial accountants by conducting sessions and face to face coaching on local government financial accounting and reporting for them to be able to do their tasks in financial reporting, provincial government revenue projections and to package a budget performance reporting tools.

As Finance Manager of an International Non-Government Organization (INGO), I was able to package and customize 57 BPR (Budget Performance Report) financial monitoring tool.  The BPR can automatically generate a summary and detailed budget performance report of the 57 projects implemented nationwide in the Philippines.  The BPR is considered a best practice and shared to other Asia Pacific country offices.  I conducted BPR orientation, training and customization to country office finance teams in Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia and Indonesia.

As Grants Accounting Manager of another INGO a Humanitarian Organization implementing multiple Haiyan relief and rehab projects, I packaged an MPER (Monthly Plan and expense report) that has been used by project teams.  The MPER automatically monitors budget performances of each sector expected outcomes as basis for decisions to successfully end the relief or rehab projects per agreed timelines with funding donors.

I have conducted MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) training sessions to professionals, also in Vanuatu. I set-up quickbooks and  provided training to finance teams in Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines.  As a financial analyst to an NGO with nationwide coverage in the Philippines, I single-handedly installed the financial and accounting systems of 26 partner NGOs and Government Units, I have likewise transferred financial management skills to project partners.

As a special project financial consultant to a government department geared towards providing livelihood to the less privileged, I formulated a job order costing reporting tool that maximized use of pivot and macro using excel developer.